Low Cost Loans

Our loans are available to any credit union member to serve a variety of purposes: New Autos or Used Autos, Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Home Improvement, Vacations, Bill Consolidations and many more.  You can also have the convenience of pre-approving your next loan.

Consumer Loans

New & Used Vehicle Loans

We offer vehicle loans for  New and Used Autos, Boats and Recreational vehicles.

  • GAP Plus Insurance
    Most cars depreciate by thousands of dollars as soon as they are purchased.  If your vehicle is stolen, totaled in an accident or otherwise damaged beyond repair you may be paying for something you can no longer drive.  With GAP Plus Insurance you will have the ability to have the difference paid that was not covered by insurance.  Contact us for rates and requirements.

  • Vehicle Extended Warranties
    We offer extended warranties through Route 66 Extended Warranty Company with rates normally much lower than what the dealers offer. Must have a loan with the credit union.

Share Secured Loan
A share secured loan uses your shares in the credit union as "collateral".  It's an easy way to keep the money in your share account earning interest while you are using funds from the loan.

Share Certificate Loans
Loan Interest Rate = Share Certificate Rate +2%

All Other Secured Loans
Other secured loans can be used to purchase or refinance farm equipment,  construction equipment , riding lawn mowers, and more.  Contact the credit union with any property that does not have a title to see if it can be used towards a collateral loan.

Signature Loan
Your signature is all that is needed to secure this loan.  Amounts up to $10,000.00 if you do not have a line-of-credit loan and $5,000.00 if you do have a line-of-credit loan and also based on your credit worthiness.

Line of Credit Loan
With a line of credit, you'll have credit available when you need it.  Just draw on your approved maximum credit line as you go and use the funds as necessary.  Loan amounts are available up to $5,000 based on credit worthiness.


Single Credit Disability Insurance
We offer Single Credit Disability Insurance on our loans at a reasonable cost.  If you are temporarily or permanently disabled, this insurance starts paying your monthly payments if you are off of work over 31 days.  Certain age restrictions and other requirements may apply.

Credit Life Insurance
Credit Life Insurance will cover up to $20,000 of your total loan balance-per-member account in the event of your death. Certain age restrictions and other requirements may apply.

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